Entwicklungsskizze des HEIGHT TECH INSPECTOR S

FLAIRICS: Focusing on Development and Innovation

FLAIRICS is re-structuring within the SPECTAIR GROUP and since May 2015 has been focusing strictly on development and innovation of aerial robotic technology, while the sister company HEIGHT TECH handles the production of aircrafts within the company group.

Already, FLAIRICS has demonstrated its innovation with the intelligent hand gimbal, which was introduced last year. With this tool, the camera of the aircraft can be adapted to manual operation and becomes fully flexible for the user in this way. Just now other companies are beginning to introduce this feature to the market. The SPECTAIR GROUP chose for FLAIRICS to concentrate on innovation and to strenghten the know-how witihin the organization. “By seperating R & D and production, we are more efficient and can respond more quickly to the market and our customer’s needs,” says CEO Michael Dahmen, taking the next steps for the SPECTAIR GROUP.