The SPECTAIR GROUP combines under one roof professional drone services and the production and development of unmanned aerial systems. With high quality, innovative solutions and individual services the group has succeeded in reaching a leading position on the market.


The SPECTAIR GROUP consists of SPECTAIR, HEIGHT TECH and FLAIRICS. This way the group is able to conveniently serve the entire spectrum all-around the use of civilian drones* from development over production to services.


The SPECTAIR GROUP offers professional UAS solutions from one source – a crucial advantage for clients and a decisive edge over other competitors. The wide portfolio of UAS expertise within the SPECTAIR GROUP is unique in the German market. The joint competencies allow the SPECTAIR GROUP to manage complex projects and develop individual solutions in the field of unmanned aerial systems.


The corporate group is represented by local sales partners in different regions in Germany and other European countries.

With numerous national and international projects the companies of the SPECTAIR GROUP take a leading role in the research, development and production of unmanned aerial systems.




The SPECTAIR GROUP has a pioneering role in the German UAS market. All companies of the SPECTAIR GROUP therefore aim to comply consequently with high quality and safety standards. Safety, reliability and professionalism is always in focus of all business activities, whether it is during flights performed by the company’s pilots, in the production process, research and development of unmanned aerial systems or in the field of management. Always the clients benefit from the group’s long-term practical know-how.


For all employees of the SPECTAIR GROUP safety has an unlimited value. Each individual considers it an obligation to use new UAV technologies in a responsible way, to adhere to legal frame conditions and to ensure safety of employees, pedestrians and clients during flight missions.

With an exemplary education offered by SPECTAIR ACADEMY including product and flight training courses provided along with purchasing hardware, the corporate group makes a valuable contribution to a better safety in unmanned aviation.


Reliability is the basis of our business operations. Commitment, punctuality and reliability are closely linked and essential values to ensure long-term amicable business relationships with clients. The employees of the SPECTAIR GROUP always offer individual advice to the clients and keep their promises.


Professionalism allows the SPECTAIR GROUP being a partner of recognized companies and research institutions. Although the SPECTAIR GROUP is involved in a still emerging industrial sector, as an UAS pioneer it is benefiting from many years of experience in the production, development and service of drones. A knowledge lead and a high degree of professionalism are the result of this experiences from which the clients of the SPECTAIR GROUP can profit.

SPECTAIR acts as a full-service-partner for different UAS services. The UAS pilots working at SPECTAIR are also experts for individual application areas. Thus, the SPECTAIR employees are most expertised in the field of inspection, mapping, surveying, vegetation and environmental monitoring as well as in film and photography production. Since 2012 SPECTAIR has been offering their clients support services ranging from project planning via professional piloting of drones to the processing of raw data of aerial images. The company has achieved certification according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 in March 2014 and so fulfils high safety and quality standards.

In the SPECTAIR ACADEMY industrial and private drone pilots receive a sophisticated training in compliance with high professional standards. In theory and practical training courses the participants become acquainted with relevant bases for flying drones safely. Well experienced flight instructors provide the legal and technical knowledge necessary to pilot a drone in practice. The CP-UAS course is a professional training for industrial drone pilots. The PP-UAV training course is tailored to the needs of private drone pilots.


After having successfully mastered the training course the participants are awarded a certificate of competency. This certificate is a vital requirement to obtain a “take-off authorisation”, which professional pilots have to request from local aviation authorities before operating industrial flights. With the certificate issued by the SPECTAIR ACADEMY the participants finishing successfully the training course for industrial pilots are being very well prepared for the drone licence announced by the Transport Minister, Alexander Dobrindt.


Die SPECTAIR ACADEMY offers courses and flight trainings for beginners, advanced and professional pilots. In advanced training courses experienced trainee pilots can extend their knowledge in certain areas such as applying drones for carrying out inspection flights on technical plant systems.

SPECTAIR MEDIA develops, shoots and produced image film for small- and medium sized companies. In this respect, clients’ wishes and requirements are always dealt with the utmost priority. The creative minds of the SPECTAIR MEDIA develop film concepts and realise film projects: from the script via shooting to the completed film. Aerial images shot by our professional UAS pilots are also included all as other recordings.


What is of primary importance here, is that the film experts of SPECTAIR MEDIA provide the clients with individual advice and personnel care: Whether the client has already a clear concept or is still searching for ideas, SPECTAIR MEDIA develops a moving, informative and entertaining story in pictures – precisely tailor-made to the client’s particularly requirements.

With an extensive professional film equipment and brilliant ideas the SPECTAIR MEDIA team implements details and designs films for hotels, industrial enterprises, car manufacturers and other clients with high aesthetic demands.

HEIGHT TECH produces technologically advance drones which are equipped with cameras, sensor systems and measuring instruments. The drones are particularly suitable for technical applications and are used in professional inspections, surveying, monitoring and the like.


HEIGHT TECH has spent 10 years developing and producing unmanned aerial systems. Besides the serial production of drones, HEIGHT TECH focuses on individual solutions for special fields of application – from the integration of a complex sensor technology to innovative projects, e.g. the Deficopter. HEIGHT TECH is also engaged in research project into drones, inter alia, in cooperation with RWTH Aachen (Rhineland-Westphalian Technical College).

Within the SPECTAIR GROUP FLAIRICS is responsible for research & development, innovation and product design. FLAIRICS combines the know-how of engineers, technicians and product designers to develop innovative concepts for civil drones. The practical findings obtained from the work of SPECTAIR and HEIGHT TECH form integral parts of processes, so that the partner companies profit mutually from each other. The experts at FLAIRICS work – partly in cooperation with research partner in science and business – on future-oriented possible applications for the use of unmanned aerial systems.

*The SPECTAIR GROUP uses the word drones on their website as a synonym to the term flight robots, since the word drone used for unmanned and civil aerial systems” is increasingly becoming customary in current language.