Join us in the future and discover the endless possibilities drones have to offer.

SPECTAIR is a competent and secure provider for engineering services applying unmanned aerial systems (UAS). Professional and highly qualified pilots provide maximum value by carrying out inspection, monitoring and survey projects.

SPECTAIR ACADEMY is a professional flight training school for UAV pilots.

SPECTAIR MEDIA is the media & film production branch of SPECTAIR.

FLAIRICS is a think tank for research, development and design of UAVs. A premier team of developers permanently concentrates on unique research and design projects. With state-of the art equipment and thanks to the extensive know- how of perfectly experienced developers, research projects, feasibility and design studies are continuously growing into new concepts.

HEIGHT TECH is the experienced producer of UAVs, building professional flight systems not only in series but also to individual requirements. The camera equipped systems are best suitable for use in different technical application ranges like inspections, monitoring and surveys.

HEIGHT TECH INDIVIDUAL offers customised solutions for UAS according to individual customer specifications. HEIGHT TECH INDIVIDUAL allows operations in completely new application fields.